230㎜/103g The floating spec.

Multiple process of a durable rise (core system)
Not sink hybrid structure.
I answer to a bigfish with the penetration wire specification 1.8 mm, too.

Use by a single hook, first, the front hook eye fixed system.
At the time of shipment, hook lessly.


Recommendation Hook

D-CLAW RUDDER HOOK #8/0 or #10/0 
D-CLAW KEY HOOK #5/0 Twin specification

※ When I adjust slightly by a split ring according to the sea conditions by the tid of tide and the flow, it connects with catch UP.

Color Lineup

※ The condition of the collar is sometimes different depending on goods for a short while. Please accept it beforehand.
※ The foaming resin is made the material, so the product is different in the weight respectively.
※ For quality improvement, a product sometimes changes specifications without notice.
※ Please don't leave in hot high humidity and in the car exposed to the direct sunlight, etc..


Length Weight Color JAN
230mm 103g
NavyBack 455906
BrownBack 455913
FunkyBack 455920
PenPen 455937

Maker code (7 digits of top)4571325