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︎185㎜/103g The floating spec. 

In calm sea conditions, the bubbles during action are firmly left in the sea, and in long jerk and retrieve action, the bubbles are firmly formed and attract deep-field predators!


Recommendation Hook & Notes


Compatible Hook: 9-11g per piece
① Wood lures may absorb water and change their weight and balance.
②After use, wash it well with water and dry it thoroughly in the shade.
③ Lure structure wire If the wire rusts, it may break.

Color Lineup

※ The condition of the collar is sometimes different depending on goods for a short while. Please accept it beforehand.
※ The foaming resin is made the material, so the product is different in the weight respectively.


Length Weight Color JAN
185mm 103g
Yellowblue Back 457535
Funky Back 457542
Kira Black 457559
Kira White 457566

Maker code (7 digits of top)4571325